The Top Ironwork Trends for Interior Design

The Top Ironwork Trends for Interior Design

Are you searching for a way to give your interior an eye-catching touch, consider installing wrought iron railings. This durable material is perfect for any home and can be utilized in numerous ways.

Though you may be tempted to paint your iron railing a vibrant color, remember that over-styling and clutter can quickly take over. A minimalist aesthetic creates an air of tranquility in any home.

Mid-Century Modern

Contrary to many passing trends, the mid-century modern style is making a comeback. This design aesthetic features clean lines, organic forms, minimal ornamentation, and high functionality.

Interior designers today draw inspiration from this design style, crafting products that evoke a nostalgic 1950s and 1960s vibe. For instance, flat teak sideboards with rounded corners remain highly sought-after today.

This style is ideal for adding modern design elements to your space without appearing too trendy. It pairs well with Scandinavian, industrial, and rustic decor elements.


The Scandinavian design originated in Northern European countries during the 20th century and is characterized by minimalist aesthetics with an emphasis on functionality. This home decor style incorporates contemporary trends with traditional craftsmanship, often featuring clean lines combined with warm color hues and fabrics.

Natural colors are often employed in Scandinavian homes to evoke a feeling of warmth and connection to nature. Greens and yellows are frequently featured as accents on bolsters, pillows, and blankets to provide a bright splash of cheeriness amid the neutral monochrome palettes found throughout the Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian design style seamlessly fuses contemporary decor items with antique pieces for a serene, airy space that never goes out of style. You can bring this same aesthetic into your own home by following some simple principles.


Iron accents can be an elegant way to bring a rustic charm into your home. While they often belong in traditional designs, they’re versatile enough to work with many interior styles from modern to rustic.

One of the simplest ways to create a sophisticated aesthetic is by mixing up your wrought iron furniture and accents. Heavy scrolled designs in black wrought iron can be combined with lighter models painted in warm hues like terracotta or red.

For an eye-catching take on this trend, try using a design inspired by vines or leaves. While it may not be as intricate as a door with dense curls, you can still make a strong statement without overwhelming your space.


Minimalism is an art style or approach that utilizes a minimal number of elements with the goal of creating maximum impact. It’s most frequently employed in painting and sculpture, but can also be applied to other arts like music.

Minimalist art often consists of two-dimensional or geometric forms with no narrative context. However, some minimalist artists are able to use simple shapes and colors in meaningful ways.

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice designed to help people live with more purpose. It encourages them to clear away clutter, both material and emotional, in order to focus on what truly matters. Minimalism provides space in one’s life to pursue bigger objectives, take risks, and spend quality time with loved ones.


The southwestern style draws inspiration from the vibrant hues of a desert sunset, organic materials, and historic Native American, Mexican, and Spanish artwork. By mixing warm textiles, earthy pastels, and stunning craftsmanship, this aesthetic breathes life into any space.

The southwestern aesthetic features sleek furniture made of reclaimed wood and hand-hammered metals, paired with white plaster walls to brighten them up. Leather is often used as a decorative element as well.

The latest trend in southwestern interior design is maximalism, an aesthetic that emphasizes bold textures and vibrant colors.

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