The Benefits of Weather Stripping on Your Door or Window

The Benefits of Weather Stripping on Your Door or Window

Whether you run a business or you’re looking into weather stripping for your home, it’s important to know the benefits of weather stripping on your door or window. Anytime your weather stripping starts to fail, it will let in cold or warm air where it shouldn’t. Here are some of the key benefits you will gain with weather stripping for your iron doors and steel windows.

Top 4 Benefits of Weather Stripping for Doors and Windows

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

The United States Energy Department recommends adding weather stripping to doors and frames to block cold airflow while keeping warm air in. This helps lower utility costs while making for more comfortable homes. There are various kinds of weather stripping with differing prices, durability, and effectiveness such as felt (cheaper but less resistant to friction or moisture), vinyl (longer lasting and better at blocking airflow), etc.

Foam tape is an effective solution for windows, consisting of open or closed-cell foam with a sticky backing that’s easy to apply and install on a window. Perfect for filling those small cracks where warm air escapes in wintertime and cool air leaks out during summer, foam tape can help seal these leaks in order to reduce energy costs year-round by replacing and repairing your windows with weather stripping solutions such as this weather stripping tape.

2. Lower Utility Bills

if you’re facing high energy bills, there are ways to cut back and save money. Some methods may be easier than others but all can add up over time. Weather stripping helps seal doors so air doesn’t escape while cold air enters; thus, reducing power requirements for heating or cooling the home.

Even newer homes often contain numerous small cracks and gaps where warm air escapes during winter and hot air leaks in during summer, increasing heating and cooling costs and driving up utility bills each month. This leads to higher heating and cooling bills; therefore, requiring you to pay more on utility bills each month.

3. Reduced Moisture

Weather stripping not only helps reduce heating and cooling bills, but it can also keep moisture out of the home, helping prevent mold and mildew from growing. Holes or gaps allow outside air in, while weather stripping forms a seal that blocks drafts from entering and prevents cold air from leaving through drafty spaces in walls or doors.

4. Reduced Noise

One of the lesser considered advantages of weather stripping is noise reduction. There are various forms of weather stripping that can help reduce noise from entering through doors or windows, including felt strips, foam tape, and EPDM rubber weather seal tape – each easily installed and providing great sound insulation from outside sources.

Spring bronze weather stripping provides a more permanent solution, similar to vinyl or foam stick-on material but lasting up to 30 years longer than either option. It is particularly suitable for doors facing outdoors as it will keep moisture, bugs, and noise out.

How can you know if your home requires new weather stripping? 

One simple way is to wrap your hand around the door or window frame on a windy day and feel for any drafts. If any are present, installation of some form of weather stripping may be needed.

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