How to Refinish Your Wrought Iron Doors

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How to Refinish Your Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors add a heavy and substantial look to any home, yet over time their paint can chip or fade, and rust may form on their surfaces. Preventative maintenance of your wrought iron is key to its preservation. Here are a few do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind before repainting your door with paint.


Wrought iron gives homes a classic and sturdy aesthetic. However, over time its doors may start flaking and peeling – an indication it needs a fresh coat of paint! Before applying new coats of color it is also essential to remove any existing rust or damage to metal parts before painting new layers on top.Sandblasting machines provide an effective method for quickly and efficiently eliminating rough, dry rust from wrought iron surfaces.

Sandblasting machines use blasts of sand at each door to rub away flakes of rust from its surface. This method provides quick results when dealing with hard, stubborn spots of rust on any wrought iron surface.If you don’t feel comfortable using a sandblasting machine, mineral spirits may also work to clean the door before painting it. Regular washing of wrought iron helps avoid the build-up of dirt and grime that could eventually corrode its metal.

Once thoroughly clean, wax or linseed oil may be used to polish its surfaces for additional shine.


Before applying a fresh coat of paint on an iron door, it’s essential that all rust and old paint be removed using either wire brushing or sanding – be sure to wear protective gear like masks, gloves, and eye shields for this process.Once your wrought iron is clean, polish it using wax or linseed oil to help repel moisture and keep its appearance intact – this step is particularly important if you live near an ocean or humid area.Wrought iron doors can last a long time with proper care, but must be protected against moisture and rusting.

Epoxy offers more layers of protection; powder coatings may chip or peel, leaving iron vulnerable to moisture or rusting.


Once your wrought iron has been thoroughly washed, use sandpaper to lightly scuff its surface to prepare it for painting. This step will remove any loose pieces of old paint while also revealing any spots where rust has set in. After this step is completed, rinse again with water to rid yourself of mineral spirits, before drying thoroughly with a low-lint cloth.Iron doors may appear too solid and unfinished with just a single coat of paint, lacking in character or history. Applying faux rust painting gives these doors more character while protecting them from weather elements.


One of the key steps in maintaining a wrought iron door is sealing it to prevent moisture penetration that can cause rust to form, especially if you live in an area with humid weather conditions. This step should especially be considered important if living in humid environments.Before sealing a wrought iron door, it’s essential that all old paint or rust is removed with wire brushes, emery cloth, or sandpaper. Once complete, apply metal primer specifically made for iron to avoid corrosion.

After that is applied, paint the color of your choice while protecting handles, hinges, or any other parts with painter’s tape if you do not wish them painted.If you want to make sure your wrought iron door always looks great, make sure you use these tips to ensure you can refresh your door.

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