How to Decide Between Wrought Iron and Steel For Your Door

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How to Decide Between Wrought Iron and Steel For Your Door

When selecting a front door for your home, there are multiple factors to take into account. Aesthetics, energy efficiency, and security all play an integral part. Wrought iron and steel are two of the best materials for your door. Let’s look at both and how you can choose between the two.


Wrought iron is a resilient material, so your new doors should last a long time. Because wrought iron doesn’t rust or corrode easily, rain won’t damage them in any way either! While steel is very durable, wrought iron is more durable.

Wrought iron doors offer more security than steel when faced with extreme pressure, making it the superior choice for homeowners worried about burglars breaking into their properties.


Wrought iron is easier to customize than steel due to its lower carbon content level and is thus easily formed and bent into various designs. Steel, however, cannot be bent, making creating unique doors more challenging. However, when you’re looking for clear lines and a European Modern look, steel doors offer a great option.


Iron doors exude classic elegance that adds an air of grandeur. When coupled with beautiful glasswork or designs, they look even more beautiful, while they can easily be customized to meet the architectural demands of any home.

Wrought iron is an age-old material that can be crafted into unique designs and forms to suit any need or design aesthetic. 

Energy Efficiency

Iron doors offer energy efficiency by letting in natural light without needing artificial lighting, saving both money and helping protect the environment. They allow more natural light into your home without using electric lights and help promote green living! This means lower electricity bills while helping save the planet!

Steel doors also offer energy-efficient features, however. Both wrought iron and steel doors provide an upgrade compared to many other materials used to make doors.


Wrought iron doors are often more expensive than steel doors. However, there are benefits you gain from wrought iron compared to steel. One of those benefits may come in the form of a higher resale value for your home. While both wrought iron and steel offer an upgrade over some of the other door materials, often, wrought iron makes a home easier to sell and might help your home sell for a higher price, depending on the design.

You really cannot go wrong with a wrought iron door or steel door. Both offer great benefits and it may just come down to which type of design will fit your home the best. There are some security and durability benefits you will get from wrought iron that steel doesn’t provide, however.

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