How to Care for Your Steel Doors or Windows

Steel Doors

How to Care for Your Steel Doors or Windows

Do you have a home with steel features, from your doors to your windows? Perhaps you have steel features in the home, like your hardware, which you’ve never really known how to clean properly. 

Trying to use regular household cleaners has probably never made a difference in your steel, but you’d like to finally learn to do it properly once and for all. Make your steel doors, windows, hardware, and more shine with the right cleaning methods explained below. 

How to prepare the cleaner

First, you’ll want to look at the type of cleaner you are using and choose the right formula that will allow you to clean your steel doors and windows. One option is to take 1 ½ cups of vinegar to one gallon of water or to take a gallon of water to 1 tsp of baby shampoo. Another option is to use a mild detergent or soap when water rinsing isn’t cutting it. Test your detergent of choice on a small section with a sponge before working on the whole area. 

You can also use a mineral spirit or other mild solvents if you have grease to remove. You won’t want to work with anything too strong or you could harm the paint around your windows. 

How to clean

Before getting into a cleaner, you could try a medium-pressure water rinse with a light rubbing using the sponge, especially in cases where your steel isn’t as dirty. This will help you see what areas need extra focus. 

Now you’ll want to grab a clean cloth and sponge to do the rest of the job. The sponge will help test out a small section and to help with heavier stains while a clean cloth should handle most of the job.  Be sure to not allow your formulas to collect into a puddle or in the joints but rather be sure to flush with water and dry it. 

Helpful tips

You’ll want to make sure that you aren’t choosing an abrasive cleaning product, such as something with stiff bristles or steel wool. Be careful about how strong your cleaning formulas are and avoid cleaning your windows and door frames too often. Always avoid alkaline cleaners, acidic cleaners, and anything petroleum-based. 

When working with hardware, you’ll want to lubricate the parts with a light oil so that it can first remove paint or dirt buildup. Then you can oil it lightly, work the fastener back and forth, and wipe off any excess to help everything work smoothly. Do the same with spring catches, hinges, and pivots.  If you clean your window and door hardware regularly with warm, soapy water, you’ll lengthen the life of the finish for many years.

Always be aware of your weather stripping. Always inspect and maintain those to avoid damage that comes from water leaking or energy waste from air infiltration. Replace your weather stripping when they are worn. Don’t use an abrasive product on your weather stripping and a thin bead of super glue can help you to reapply it if it has become loose. When it comes to caring for your Milano steel doors and windows, use these tips to get the job done well and to maintain them for years to come. 

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