How a Custom Iron Door Completes a Home Redesign

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How a Custom Iron Door Completes a Home Redesign

Instead of purchasing an ordinary door from your local home improvement store, consider investing in an iron front door to give your entryway some added charm and set it apart from all of the others on your block. It could even help keep criminals away while increasing the resale value of your property!

Top Ways a Custom Iron Door Will Complete Your Redesign


Custom iron doors make a statement in any home, adding a distinct flair that is truly one-of-a-kind. Fully customizable to meet your design preferences and entryway size specifications, these doors come as single or double and can even come equipped with sidelights or transoms for complete customization.

Iron doors feature sturdy iron moldings to form frames of various depths and designs, from simple and shallow to grand and detailed. In addition, bronze thresholds add to their stately and imposing appearance.

Your doors can be painted any color that complements both interior and exterior design schemes while providing additional lighting in your entryway and making the space feel larger. Insulated door panels also help keep temperatures lower during summertime while warming it in wintertime.


Appraisers put great stock in aesthetics when appraising homes, and an attractive custom iron door can dramatically boost curb appeal and add considerable value.

Your custom iron door may feature various levels of glass depending on the design, which will impact how much light enters your entryway. 


Homeowners looking to increase the value of their property often want to do something that will leave an impactful first impression on potential buyers and leave an everlasting memory of them as soon as they walk through their front door. Installing an iron door can do exactly this, showing buyers that your home is strong and safe – an appealing feature in itself for potential buyers.

Wrought iron doors also provide energy efficiency that other doors cannot match. They typically come equipped with double insulated glass and transoms or sidelights to let in natural light, helping you save on energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

Wrought iron doors provide homeowners with protection from crime and natural hazards such as break-ins or natural disasters such as hurricanes. Not only can they prevent storm damage, but wrought iron is also rust resistant – meaning your family could stay secure even in bad weather conditions!


Custom iron doors are one of the most durable additions you can make to your home, as they can withstand even extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and heavy rainfall, without suffering damage.

These doors are also insulated to minimize energy loss from your home and reduce energy costs in summer while keeping it warmer during the winter.

When you want to complete your home redesign project, you want to consider adding a custom iron door. A new front door can go a long way to bringing together your home’s look and can provide many additional benefits, too.

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