5 Myths of Custom Wrought Iron Doors & What to Know

5 Myths of Custom Wrought Iron Doors & What to Know

Your front door is the first thing most people will notice about your home or business. It should stand out and a unique custom wrought iron door offers a great upgrade to your entryway.

Whether you’re building your dream home or you’re upgrading the entryway, adding a custom wrought iron door is a great choice. It’s an option to add class and plenty of aesthetic appeal. However, some myths are floating around about these doors you should understand first.

Top 5 Custom Wrought Iron Door Myths

1. Wrought Iron Doors are Not Affordable

Probably the most common myth you will find is the affordability myth. Many people will try to convince you that wrought iron doors are not affordable because they cost more than other doors. Don’t assume you cannot afford this type of door as there are options that aren’t as costly as others.

Plus, it’s important to note that a wrought iron door will likely outlast other types of doors due to the material.

2. Wrought Iron Doors Can’t Withstand Wear

This myth is simply not true, but it keeps many people from purchasing the custom wrought iron door they really want. They hear that the door won’t be able to handle the wear and tear and they get scared.

However, this myth isn’t true as wrought iron doors can withstand multiple types of environments and some of the toughest weather you will find. They are built to last and will likely last longer than you will have the home.

3. Wrought Iron Doors aren’t Customizable

You might have looked online at some stock doors and liked them, but they were not exactly what you wanted. There are some custom wrought iron doors allowing you to get exactly what you want. For the most part, if you can dream it, Palm City Iron Works can make it.

4. Wrought Iron Doors Don’t Provide Enough Security

It’s common to hear someone say that you will get an appealing front entry door with a custom wrought iron door, but it won’t be secure. This isn’t true. In fact, wrought iron doors are often known for providing better security than other types of doors you could install.

5. You can’t Install One in Your Home

Some homeowners get it in their head that due to the way their home is constructed, a wrought iron door isn’t possible. Maybe they think homes made of specific materials cannot support the weight and size of a wrought iron door. Maybe you have a uniquely shaped entryway and you don’t think it will work.

It doesn’t matter what type of material your home is made of or the shape of your entryway, you can enjoy a new custom wrought iron door as a part of your entryway. With the right professional team to make and install your door, you won’t have anything to worry about.

There are plenty of myths about custom wrought iron doors out there, but most are simply not true. If you’re interested in this type of entry door, speak to a professional in the business to find out the truth before making your final decision.

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