How to clean iron doors?

While iron doors don’t require much maintenance, cleaning them, on occasion, can help keep your doors looking great. It’s best to use a mild cleaner and a lint-free cloth for cleaning your doors. Castile soap is a great choice.


After cleaning your iron door with soap, hosing off any remaining soap is necessary. It’s also important to wipe down your iron door thoroughly, so rust won’t form from the moisture left behind.


Depending on the climate where the iron door is located, you may need to oil the hinges monthly and take a few other steps to keep your iron doors looking great. If you live near the coast, it’s important to handle cleaning regularly due to the saltwater air, which can corrode iron doors.

Are iron doors energy efficient?

The simple answer is yes, iron doors are very energy efficient. While iron is a big conductor for heat, they are made with thermal breaks, which make them very energy efficient.


A thermal break is a type of insulation creating a barrier to help prevent energy loss. While this means your iron doors are not solid iron, it also means you get an energy-efficient door that looks amazing.

How will my iron door age and how to treat it?

There are a few things you can do to help prevent rust from forming and keep your iron doors protected. Typically, an iron door will form rust due to abrasive chemicals, leaving water on the door, or not cleaning the door often enough.


Moisture is the enemy and regular cleaning can help keep your iron door from rusting. Make sure you follow the right cleaning instructions and always remove all moisture from your iron doors.

Are wrought iron doors safe?

Yes, iron doors are some of the safest doors on the market. These doors offer incredible security and have even been known to deter burglars. Iron doors also allow for better visibility from inside the home and they are very durable. They come with embedded locks, which make it very hard to break into a home with an iron door.

How to remove paint from an iron door?

Paint can be removed from an iron door using a wire brush, sandpaper, or paint remover gel. If the paint is already flaking, you might be able to remove it with a wire brush and a scraper tool. However, if the paint isn’t flaking, you will likely need paint remover gel for your iron door.

Are steel windows expensive?

Compared to other materials used to create windows, yes, steel windows are expensive. However, they also offer longer life and provide many benefits you might not get from other types of windows. The cost of your steel windows will depend on how many windows you need to replace and the size needed.


Over time, steel windows become more economical because they last longer than other materials, such as wood. Steel will also require fewer repairs and won’t need to be replaced as often.

What are the benefits of steel windows?

Steel windows offer many benefits including:


  • Stronger than other windows
  • Very easy to repair and replace
  • Easier to clean than other windows
  • Last longer than other types of windows
  • Offer a more secure option
  • Provides a variety of unique designs and shapes


When you choose steel windows, you gain a superior product compared to wooden windows and other types of windows.

How to clean steel window frames?

You can easily clean the frames of steel windows with soap and water. Make sure to wipe away all the moisture and use WD-40 to lubricate any springs and latches. It’s also a good idea to inspect the seals and rubber gaskets from time to time when cleaning steel window frames.